Mr​.​Fist prod by :LaCrise

from by Pepperboy x 607

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607 verse : Your killing was a community service, what you know about a fed charge, state time? Don't buck him just cuz he be lookin nervous, No points, simmer down that's a hate crime, Covered him back up, no more face time, watching Dateline, Pepperboy what the lick read? I'm a addict so it's automatic, tell a story for the territory, they be trippin or its just me?
What you know about no more love, so much hate, dubs and plugs, fictitious plates, potted meat, cube steak, don't gas me up lil mane pump your brakes,
If I'm your ace; you gotta short me down,
I don't wanna go ape when word come back round,
Don't hate the hobo, thank the 6, I'm a loco lobo for this gangsta shit
Hope you know what you doing,
I ain't fit for no amateurs,
Scared to yike, you get ruined
Swear the streets is so scandalous
You don't get to my level being gave respect, we takin it
I can handle that pressure, Mr Fist is my alias

Pepperboy Verse : Mind trippin thats that PTS..but i can handle it i deal wit tha stress...everyday pressure ah make ya pipes bust..ya friend turned on ya now who can ya trust..--What a rush thats that weed high..some spark it up just to get by..under pressure nigga lost his job...but he didnt give up cant see his kids starve ..--Superman nigga wear a cape..he didnt come home until his pockets str8..cant get him down he always bounce back..he had a bus pass now a cadillac.--Mr.Fist thats tha nickname..its a new day but shit still tha same...same hustlin same falling off..same this and that some pay tha cost...


from Mixed Messages Ep (Pepperboy x 607), released January 15, 2014


all rights reserved



Pepperboy Little Rock, Arkansas

as seen on MTV hive, SPIN Magazine, The Fader, Mishka NYC, DefJam France and Arkansas Times

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