Horsepower prod by: Damn Mayne

from by Pepperboy x 607



607 verse: How many folk gone run? How many folk gone walk?
How many folk gone move? How many just gone talk?
How many folk catch charges? How many folk gone beat it?
How many think they innocent cuz all they dirt a secret?

How many stuck in the hood? How many travel the atlas?
How many think they good, but they don't ever practice?
How many folk get robbed, stress out over bread?
How many folk get they own money put on they head?

Pepperboy verse : Huddle up i got a lil story...alotta pain in it just like tha movie glory...i was down but i had to step it up..Varner unit in tha Parts it was ruff...--No mercy flat broke on tha books..learned tha game then i star making hooch...horsepower yeah ah nigga on tha looking back eyes all on tha prize...


from Mixed Messages Ep (Pepperboy x 607), released January 15, 2014


all rights reserved



Pepperboy Little Rock, Arkansas

as seen on MTV hive, SPIN Magazine, The Fader, Mishka NYC, DefJam France and Arkansas Times

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