Color Blind Chamelon prod by : Horsehead

from by Pepperboy x 607



607 verse : 607 been a chancellor, ever since i was a lil Hamster gorilla milk drippin out the cannister, wheel made outta barbed wire understand itsa dilemma filled lifestyle thug thoo the damages, boys don't crack no pats no bandages, drama was a norm I was loc to the brain, no sunshine but we played in the rain, Nigga betta know we ain't the mothafuckin same,
Ion wanna go back, people I was wit know dat
Me leeeaaavin was the biggest the achieeevement
When you gettin ahead you ain't tryin to get even and yikin ain't a habit I'm just happy to be breathin
In my state the biggest klan is the ku klux
In my hood doin good is doin too much
Girls hated me, never bood up
had a skinny nigga juiced up
I was a colorblind - chameleon, changin to the wrong colors but,
Im wunna gods, children, so I was scared but I couldn't be touched (yiyuh)
When I die, save my corpse like a mummy, ill be drunk in heaven cuz the juice fermented in my stomach,
Let the weeds grow and the tombstone crack. Here lies a soldier that never went back

Pepperboy Verse Fallin off having bad times..things not going right not thinking wit ya right mind: ...ya wanna kill ya wanna rob...u took some cocaine and turned it into hard --- That lifestyle ah get ya caught up...thinkin wrong life all in a rush....slow it down they say pump ya breaks...u think ya being real but u really fake..----Real music u know i play know missing from tha streets cause they dont feel tha same...alotta friends died alotta purple hearts..sum caught cases wit fed agents and tha narcs--- I used my 3rd eye had to peep game...i hoped on tha mic things aint been tha stayin outta trouble pepp aint going back..turn that beat up you hear me on tha track


from Mixed Messages Ep (Pepperboy x 607), released January 15, 2014


all rights reserved



Pepperboy Little Rock, Arkansas

as seen on MTV hive, SPIN Magazine, The Fader, Mishka NYC, DefJam France and Arkansas Times

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